Limited Edition Love In Paris Rollie Pollie

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A beautifully designed Rollie will be sure to make anybody's day upon seeing it! Our Limited Edition Love In Paris has become a fan favorite throughout! Whether you want to visit Paris, love Paris or anything else in between, now you can journal with it!

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Love in Paris

This Limited Edition Rollie is very much inspired like our Starry Night Set. It seems everytime we think of Paris, romance come to our thoughts. Wine, good food and great company!

If you ever dreamed of Paris now you can take it with you where ever you journal! This Paris inpires Rollie Pollie has a fun Paris inspired pattern that has become a fan favorite, especially amongst our Rollie Pollie collectors!

As always this Rollie Pollie has 48 pencil/pen holders with 2 extra large holders on each side for sharpeners, markers or any other fun tool you can think of! All held together with heavy duty canvas and saddle stiching!

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