Crashing Waves Rollie Pollie

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A beautifully designed Rollie will be sure to make anybody's day upon seeing it! The Crashing Waves Rollie Pollie is designed with rolling waves that brings a rustic yet simplistic look to any journaling set!

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Crashing Waves

These crashing waves are anything but stressful, though they roll and roll on your Rollie Pollie, there's something mystic to their flow.

Bring calm and clarity to your day with this Rollie. Cool refreshing blues, light vibrant outlines, earthy grounding tones gracefully adorned flows..

As always this Rollie Pollie has 48 pencil/pen holders with 2 extra large holders on each side for sharpeners, markers or any other fun tool you can think of! All held together with heavy duty canvas and saddle stiching!

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