Limited Edition Starry Night Rollie Pollie

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The Starry Night Rollie Pollie is an elegant and handmade pencil case that holds all your journaling essentials.

Created by hand, out of durable canvas for lasting use on the go. Lightness, elegance, and beauty accompany the intricately Van Gogh's inpired design - The Starry Night.

When you open it up you will find 48 compartments inside are for pencils, pens and other journaling utensils. 2 additional larger compartments can be found on each side ones (ideal for erasers or more bulky items).

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More details:

Limited Edition Starry Night Rollie Pollie is an elegantly designed Rolie Pollie for journaling necessities.

Created by hand with durable and lightweight canvas, this pencil case carries as much or as little as you need for your journaling journey - from pens and pencils to erasers.

With the Starry Night design, you can still feel that impression of Van Gogh's fingerprints on this pencil case. 

The unique design is elaborate and embodies the spirit of Van Gogh's very own Starry Night with its dimly lit sky sprinkled hues in a deep velvety navy blue. This product will accompany all whimsical adventures beautifully. 

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