Your Life, Your Story Journal

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No More Endless Searches Online!

Hundreds of overwhelming Pinterest boards leaves a blank journal as life starts up again.

Introducing Your Life, Your Story Journal! Our goal is to make sure your life story never stops being told!

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Our products are designed with inner happiness in mind so everyone can embrace all their passions, build awesome goals into their day-to-day life, and eventually be able to live a full life worth living.

Which is why we're so excited to be bringing back Your Life, Your Story! Except this time around we wanted something more than just generic pages. We've created journaling layouts for every part of your life!

Today Is The Day To Put Yourself First! Journaling For An Easy & Stress-free Life? There's A Layout For That ⭐️ One of the most important parts to maintaining a happy and healthy life is having time for yourself.

Not wasting it going through hours of journaling content to find new ideas for your trackers, spreads or layouts. There's no way to do this and still enjoy journaling all in your busy schedule, but it doesn't have to be difficult!

Just open the Your Life, Your Story journal! Inside you'll find daily journaling layouts designed with specific goals in mind including wellness, mindfulness, relaxation or more creativity! Whatever suits you best at any given moment.

A Journal That Seamlessly Blends Creative or Structured Mediums There's no journal out there that offers what Your Life, Your Story offers! A place to write down your thoughts... A place to color when life gets too stressful... A place to keep track of important dates and times... Each page is designed with you in mind – there’s even a section for tracking tasks and habits! Everything Will Be Right At Your Fingertips Meaningful Monthly Content Making Your Life Truly Your Story... Looking online is time-consuming and not always effective. Plus, you don't know if a layout will work with your personality or lifestyle.

Especially with so many things to remember and do! It's easy to lose track of important dates, events, and tasks while looking for new ideas! Our beautiful monthly planner keeps you on task with its fun designs and reminders. The calendar grid allows you to write down all your appointments and plan out the month ahead. We even have weekly date reminders for any upcoming plans or deadlines in your life!

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