Three Shades of Joy Collection - Scarlet Woods

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This traveler's journal is like an oasis in the desert. It has a rich, layered tone that envelops and welcomes you.

Infused with the natural beauty of Redwoods. With a texture that is rich, warm and oh so soft to the touch,

Inspired by California's Redwoods. Strong and resilient, like you, these trees are making a come back after the forest fires.

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The Three Shades Of Joy Creative Collection

Made With YOU In Mind

Because We Made It With YOU In Mind...

A new collection of journals is finally here and you're going to love it!

That's right, the Three Shades of Joy Journal Collection is now here! 
It has four different covers...
A light yellow softened over an indulgent pink...
Another that features peach like texture and hues enveloping its cover...
Captivated by another, adorned with rich and thick layers of beautiful redwood overtones.
Finished off with a rebellious explosion of pink perfection...
Each adds a fresh breath of life and color to any desk.

Re-captivated... Reimagined...

The pages of your journal are personal.

Where you can explore and express yourself in many ways. 
Your thoughts...
Your desires...
Your life...
Each strengthens and bring life to the ink you paint on each page as time goes by.

For centuries people have been writing down their deepest feelings through journals whether to feel closer with themselves and nature or expressing what they desire of the future.
In this day there is an abundance of products that are impersonal and still the same. Focused more on mass production than of the individuality of the people that support them.

Be Part Of The Three Shades Collection

Making personal, personal again.

We threw out the old and created something truly new. The result: a masterpiece of artistry that is worthy of holding your thoughts.

It is hard to imagine that a design with so little complexity could be harmonious in its simplicity.
These journals boast a purely creative concept that will never be forgotten.
Creative Function

Work with style not against it

The New Journal for the Modern Woman...
The Three Shades Collection Journals are going to be your go-to journal from now on. 
Unlike the tiny, cheap journals you see for sale online (that look wonderful in pictures but turn out to only be 4 inches). 
We artistically designed and crafted this book with true artists and customer feedback - specifically for those that expect to write a lot, as journalers do so

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